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Lower price, Higher efficiency, More reliable!
Manual leveling, Plug-in free!
Rainforest Studio, Your most trustworthy safeguard!
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What shall we offer?
GTA5 Cash, Chips, Rank, Unlock, Maxstats, Bunker Researches...
We offer cash, chips, rank upgrades, rank upgrades of the Car Meet, maxstats, tattoos, vehicle accessories, paintings, weaponry accessories&cosmetics, MK2 weapons, rare vehicles, hairstyles, costumes unlock, Oppressor missiles, heavy armor, 51 bunker researches, cash curtain in the office, steam achievements unlock.
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Why choose us?
Professional and perfect after-sale service
Professional Power-leveling
Rainforest Studio brings to leveling methods uniquely developped by our running team.
Dedicated Service
Honestly, dedicatedly, reliably, creatively, we help each player realize their dreams in Los Santos.
Perfection more Perfect
Your account will never be blocked. Choosing Rainforest Egame Studio, you have our safeguards.
After-sale Guarantee
Dealing is only a start. Service has no end.
About us
Rainforest Egame Studio has a technical team of more than 10 members.
What we are concentrating on is quality and security.
What we defend is that customers go beyond all.
We preoccupy with each of our customers!
Rainforest Studio in CHINA
Rainforest Studio is one of the most welcome studios in China who works on power leveling for GTA V and who is loved and supported by Chinese players.
Rainforest Studio possesses Wechat after-sale groups run by thousands of people.
On typing "GTA Power-leveling" in Google searching engine, the official website of Rainforest Egame Studio ranks 3rd.
In Taobao, a Chinese C2C platform, Rainforest Studio has had an online store during 4 years and been keeping so far 100% rate of positive comments.
Customer Reviews
Real comments from our customers

139****5214: 非常好,很安全,我和朋友们都选择了雨林给我们代练。

139****7936: 这个游戏对萌新不友好,感谢老板慷慨相助

180****4556: 老板人不错,我第二次来还给了优惠,第一次用过后效果非常好,所以又来了,以后还是会选择雨林这家。

189****8685: 放眼全网只有雨林靠谱,其他商家用挂刷钱损人利己,只有雨林踏踏实实手工代练,用挂刷的所谓的代码都是坑人的,还是雨林这里纯手工最为稳定,贵是贵点,但是品质高,买的安心。

137****7251: 是朋友介绍我来的,都知道gta刷钱圈子乱,只有雨林这一股清流坚守本心,纯手工没得说,多亏朋友介绍,才少走弯路

159****8778: 套餐价格很实惠,从此走上致富道路,冲冲冲!

183****4965: 好好好, 没的说老板,很效率,也安全,想要GTA5代练的兄弟们可以下手了。安全稳定,特意用了几天才来评价!

188****3325: 肝累了,还是找个代练舒服,强烈安利雨林代练

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