About us
Rainforest Egame Studio is one of the most welcome studios in China who work on power leveling for GTA V and who is loved and supported by Chinese players.

Rainforest Egame Studio has a technical team of more than 10 members.
What we are concentrating on is quality and security.
What we defend is that customers go beyond all.
We preoccupy with each of our customers.


Rainforest Egame Studio uses our uniquely developed map with high exp to obtain cash and exp unlimitedly. 

Just the same as Pacific Standard Bank Heist, after the game your liquid will be automatically transferred into your bank account.

Safe without account block. 


Employees in the Rainforest Egame Studio are loyal GTA V players as well.  

We are clearly aware of the fact that players are the most fundamental factor for us to establish our reputation.

We shall therefore satisfy each customer with twice our enthusiasm.

Dealing is only a start whilst service goes forever. 

Rainforest Egame Studio possesses Wechat after-sale groups run by thousands of people.
On typing "GTA Power-leveling" in Google searching engine, the official website of Rainforest Egame Studio ranks 3rd.
In Taobao, a Chinese C2C platform, Rainforest Egame Studio has had an online store during 4 years and been keeping so far 100% rate of positive comments.
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